What Devices Does the Linksys Connect Software Support?

Linksys Connect

Linksys is a well-known brand in the electronics and networking industries. These routers are known for providing high-speed internet access, strong and secure links, and a wide range of wired and wireless router options. Linksys router comes with various designs and is complex devices that use a combination of hardware and software to manage their functions. However, mentioned below are the complete details of the devices that the Linksys connect software supports?

The Linksys Connect Software provides strong and powerful tools such as Security Settings, Guest access, Parental Controls, and advanced settings, as well as a simple way to handle wireless networks and devices linked to your computer. When you purchase a new Linksys router, you will be given a Setup CD containing the Linksys Connect software. 

When the installation is complete, software and firmware updates will be available through the automatic upgrade detect function. Even if you’ve misplaced the CD, there are numerous guides or instructions on the web that will show you how to download the Linksys Connect Software for your computer.

Check if your device is compatible with Linksys Connect before you begin downloading.

Linksys link software uses only Wi-Fi Protected Access and Wi-Fi Protected Access 2 encryption to ensure the highest level of protection. Some Linksys devices are not compatible with the Linksys connect program but do support the Linksys smart Wi-Fi application. On the other hand, some devices are compatible with and support Linksys Connect apps.

Following mentioned below is the list of the routers that are compatible with the Linksys connect program.

E1000, E1200, E1500, E1550, E1700, E2000, E2100L, E2500, E3000, E3200, E4200 v1, E800, E8350, E900

Classic firmware versions of E4200v2, EA2700, EA3500, and EA4500.

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