Linksys Router Login

Linksys Wifi Extender 

Linksys Wifi extender communicates with your router and extends its signals across your workplace or home. It strengthens your wireless network signals and helps in eradicating all the dead zones. 

Manually Setting Up Your Linksys Extender

  1. Plug the range extender to the power outlet: 
    • Bring your Linksys router in the same room as your computer. 
    • Unpack the antennas of your extender and attach it properly into their required ports.  
    • After that, fix the power cable to the extender and the electrical socket. 
  2. Check the LED lights: Once you have linked your extender to the power outlet, you need to test your extender’s LED lights. Ensure that the indicator lights are stable and lit. 
  3. Connect your Extender to the Computer. To move forward with the process of the Linksys Wifi Extender setup, affix your computer or mobile device to the default range extender name which is “Linksys Extender Setup”. As a matter of choice, you can connect via a wired connection. For that, plug an ethernet cable from your computer to the extender. 
  4. Click on your preferred web browser icon: According to your operating system, launch an internet browser and go to and hit the enter key on your keyboard. If the setup page is not found, you can also type the default IP address of the extender i.e.
  5. Login Window: You may be requested to enter your Linksys login credentials. Type admin in the password field and then, click Login. 
  6. Linksys Wifi Extender Setup Page: You will be taken to the setup window. As per your preference, change your default language and click Start. 
  7. License Agreement: After that, the License Agreement window will pop-up on your screen. Analyze all the terms and conditions of the agreement and click “I Agree 
  8. Find Your Linksys router name: Locate and select your wireless network from the available list. If you are extending a dual-band network, be sure you see both bands. Also, enter your Wi-Fi password in order to extend your network. 
  9. Thereafter, the Extender’s Spot Finder Technology will monitor your extender location. If your extender is not properly placed, change the position of your extender. Linksys users also have a choice to skip this step by pressing on the “Connect Anyway” tab.
  10. Now, the Secure Your Range Extender window will be presented on your screen. To keep your extender secure, you need to set an administrator password for your extender. It is also advised to add a password hint to recover your password in the future. Click Save. The Linksys wifi extender configuration process is done. 

Generally Asked Questions

Q1. How to perform an extender setup using the WPS button?

Ans1. For Linksys wifi extender setup and to extend your network, follow the given instructions: 

  1. Find your extender’s push-button and press it carefully. 
  2. In just two minutes, press the WPS button of your Linksys router. 
  3. The solid green WPS light on your extender confirms that your extender and router are linked. 

Q2. How do I setup Linksys wifi extender if I have WPS PIN or Router’s PIN? 

Ans2. You can set up your extender using the WPS PIN method by launching the page. 

  1. Under your preferred browser, put your cursor in the address bar and type in it. 
  2. From the top panel, select the Wireless tab and then select the Wi-Fi Protected Setup radio button
  3. Now, the Linksys Wifi extender setup page pops up on your screen. If your device includes a WPS PIN, type the PIN into the second field. Alternatively, you can perform extender set up by providing the router’s PIN in the third field. 
  4. In the end, click Register