Linksys Router Login

Linksys Router Setup

Linksys routers are efficient in providing a high-speed internet connection with maximum coverage. This article gives you a simple and step-by-step process for configuring your router. 

Linksys Router Setup

Associate your Linksys Router with the Modem and Computer 

  1. Initiate the Linksys router setup by unwrapping your router’s power cable and the network cable
  2. Link your Linksys router with the modem by inserting the one end of the network(ethernet)cable into the LAN port of your modem. Then, users have to attach the other end of the cable into the yellow port of your router.
  3. After that, pick a power cable, insert it into your router and to the wall socket. 
  4. Power on your Linksys router and link your router to the computer. To do so, use the recommended ethernet cable and plug it into the individual ports of the router and computer. 

Linksys Router Configuration

  1. As per your preference, launch a web browser and input in the address bar. You also have the option to use your router’s default address bar-
  2. Review all the Linksys terms. Also, if you want to report router errors for future improvements, select the checkbox given there. To proceed, hit the Next button.  
  3. Now, it will start configuring your internet connection for the Linksys router setup. If no internet connection is detected, the screen will show you a number of tips that you can use to establish a stable connection. 
  4. If you are a Digital Subscriber Line User, you will be prompted to enter your account name and password. These settings were appointed to you by your Internet Service Provider. Then, click Next. 
  5. Following this, it is recommended that you select the checkbox “Install future router updates automatically” in the next window.  This will guarantee you that your router is enabled with the recent updates. 
  6. Next, the “Name Your Wi-Fi” window will pop-up on your computer screen. Provide your router’s SSID and modify your default Wi-Fi password to prevent your home network from unauthorized access.
  7. Now, you have to reconnect your device to the router. So, connect to the Wi-Fi name that you have just created in the above step. Then come back to the Linksys Router setup page and click Next. 
  8. Generate a Linksys router password which includes 1-63 characters and should be highly secured. 
  9. The configuration of your router is completed and now you will be asked to register for the Smart Wifi account. 

Setting Up a Linksys Smart Wi-Fi Account

  • Account Creation: Visit your favorite internet browser and type On the homepage of Linksys log in, hit Create Account tab that you will see in the top-right corner of the window. Carefully enter your first and last names into their separate fields. After that, type a valid and genuine email address to get the necessary updates from Linksys. For verification, retype your email address. Now, set a difficult password that acts as a shield to your account and prevents it from unlawful access. Also, it is suggested that you examine all the Linksys terms and conditions to avoid future complications. You will get a confirmation mail now that you can use for account login. 
  • Sign In:  Access the account confirmation mail and click on the Sign In link in order to activate your Linksys account. With this, the Linksys Smart Wifi login window will be presented on your device screen. Give your registered email address and password into their respective fields. For Linksys router setup and to modify all the settings, hit the Sign In button. This concludes the process of the Linksys router setup from