Factors affecting Sports

A sport is far beyond just a physical activity. Sport is a physical movement to explore one’s ability to play. It is a form of activity to enhance energy levels and boosts stamina. It is a fruitful combination to improve strength stamina and flexibility.

Sports can be classified into two main categories based on the number of participants. Team sport and individual sport, in a team sport group of people, play together whereas in an individual sport one person participates at a time.

Sports can further be classified as athletic sports, ball sports, board sports, ice sports, and air sports.


Any sport demands practice, courage, dedication, and most importantly consistency. To adapt and enjoy any sport one needs a strong and healthy body but that’s also true when you play a sport healthy body and relaxed mind comes with it.

  • Age Limit: Age limit is considered to play professional sports. Nonprofessional ones can be played as long as enjoy themselves and our fit enough to play them.
  • Fame: Sports also provide fame and with it come a large number of luxuries. Sometimes it takes a person so high that he becomes a star, overnight and gains popularity. These days the sports world is very competitive and it has become difficult to achieve something high. The highest rank or position in any sport can be achieved by consistent hard work sometimes for years. Success and failure go hand in hand. Sometimes even the highest rank holder has faced failure before achieving it but only a few are there who learn from their failures. There are so many examples of top players who have achieved this position after successive failures.
  • National sport: Every country has its sport. In some places, the national sport of a country is mostly played there, whereas in some countries it’s not so. India’s national sport is hockey whereas people’s favourite and most-played sport is cricket.
  • Sport events: Different events are conducted nationally and internationally to promote all kinds of sports. Governing bodies are being made for the smooth functioning of such events. The governing body set the rules for the particular sport to be followed by the players and abolishment of such rules is subject to a punishable act.

Sport teaches coordination, discipline, and commitment. One can play it for fun or can make a career in it. Both ways it’s going to be beneficial. Whether you play or watch, you are associated with it. That’s the spirit of sport.