Review of Watching Online Movies

In today’s world, everyone prefers watching movies online. Especially from the time COVID-19 disease came to be known worldwide, people prefer watching movies online with less cost and more variety. Most people are sitting home and having no working love to watch Online movies to kill their time. Sometimes it becomes really difficult to get some free time from your work and watch movies, but as far as online movies are considered, you don’t need any particular time slot or stand in a queue to get a seat; you can watch whenever, wherever you want, and that’s the beauty of watching online movies.

Advantages of watching online movies

Let’s point out some of the major boons of watching online movies so that no one misses the chance to watch them.

  1. 24*7 Access 

One of the major blessings that online movies gave to us was, we can access them at any time; whether it’s midnight or in the morning, there is no time boundary. It has no target date or any curfew. During the festive season, cinema halls get full till neck, and you have no space left for yourself if you are late. Various sites allow you to download or watch online movies for free if there is a money issue. All you need is good internet speed and a solid amount of mobile data. In case you have access to Wi-Fi, then there will be no limit to downloading movies.

  1. Pause/ Play or have some break

Another important benefit of online movies is that you can easily play/ pause or break from the movie in the middle and do your work. If you get any urgent work or your mom calls you to do some work, you can easily be available and continue from where you were last watching.

  1. Re-watch any movie

Everyone has a collection of their favorite movies which they love to watch again and again. So, watching movies online will have this benefit too.


Disadvantages of watching online movies

If anything has pros, then it will have cons, and so is in this case of online movies. Let’s look at some of these:

  1. Poor connection

The major drawback of watching online movies is a poor connection. If your connection is poor, you might not get HD-quality video, or it might take hours to download. Most people living in rural areas suffer due to poor internet connections.

  1. Undetermined sites

Often sites that offer free online movies to watch are illegal websites. While downloading movies, the site redirects users to an unknown page of no use and can have malware or viruses that can damage the user’s system.

  1. Vanishing of sites

It is not always necessary that the site from which you downloaded free online movies is trusted; in fact, they might disappear after few days as they host pirated content.